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Parishioner Profiles: Rosemary Metzler loves her church community

Parishioner Profiles highlights members of our church community. This series is published in the Parish Bulletin and on our YouTube channel.


Rosemary Metzler is a cheerful parishioner who builds up our parish by giving back often. In this interview she tells us what motivates her spiritual life.

When I was a young Catholic and I grew up and left home and I also left my faith. I was away for several years but when I came back to the church I became involved in a lot of different things because I wanted to feel like I was part of my church again.

So I got involved first in the Legion of Mary and then Pastoral Care Ministry and several different Ministries within the church. They all make me feel like I’m part of a church family – part of the community. I see so many parents talking about their children grow older and leave the church. I think we should show them what it is to be part of a community and to get involved in different ministries, and to bring their children to church. I often see parents bringing their children to the parishwide Day of Service. It’s a wonderful thing because they are teaching their children that they are not walking this faith journey alone. They are part of a community – part of a ministry. I think that’s the best gift that they can give the children.

The most recent ministry I became involved in at the Church of Saint Mary was the ACTS Retreat program. If you want to feel part of a church family or a church community, I would recommend highly recommended that you go on one of the acts Retreats because it does make you feel like you are a member of the family of the Church of Saint Mary.

One thought on “Parishioner Profiles: Rosemary Metzler loves her church community

  • Kay Limke

    Our church family is an extension of our own family. What great insights, especially for our young people!! Great interview!!


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