Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Planning a Funeral

“Even death is illumined and can be experienced as the ultimate call to faith, the ultimate “Go forth from your land” (Gen 12:1), the ultimate “Come!” spoken by the Father, to whom we abandon ourselves in the confidence that he will keep us steadfast even in our final passage.”

Pope Francis, The Light Of Faith, 56



This is the starting point for planning a funeral at the Church of Saint Mary.


Please email or call the parish secretary, or 918-749-1423. The secretary is the main point of contact for

  • scheduling viewings, the rosary, and Mass,
  • coordinating priests, deacons, and servers at the funeral, and
  • planning a reception after the funeral.

If you wish to have music, please contact Lyndon Meyer,, music director. There is a stipend associated with music.



Live streaming and/or recording funerals is possible. Contact Mike Malcom,, communications director, to schedule streaming. The stipends are

  • $150 for a Rosary or Vigil,
  • $150 for a Funeral ceremony (outside of Mass), or
  • $200 for a Funeral Mass



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