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Saint Joseph Parish Hall Rental: Policies and Procedures

The Saint Joseph Parish Hall can seat 288 persons at round tables.


Saint Joseph Parish Hall is available to rent to active* Saint Mary parishioners, Diocesan groups, and Saint Mary staff and faculty members. Saint Joseph Parish Hall is the only space in Our Lady of Grace Center that is available for rent. The entire Parish Hall will be reserved for the event. The individual(s) responsible for an event must complete a walk-through of the space and sign an acknowledgment that he/she received instructions on procedures for lights, doors, shades, clean-up, kitchen appliances, security, and access to the facility.

*Active parishioner is defined as a registered member of the Church of Saint Mary for at least 6 months and contributes on a regular basis. For wedding receptions, if a family member is an active parishioner (grandparent, mother, father, et. al.) the hall may be reserved for a wedding-related event.


Rental of the Parish Hall includes:

  • Tables and chairs set up according to event layout
    • 36 60-inch round tables available to seat a maximum of 288 people
    • 10 6-foot rectangular tables available for serving, check-in, etc.
    • 289 chairs
  • Access to ice machine, warming ovens, refrigerator and freezer, preparation and staging space in the kitchen
  • A monitor for after-hours events


Dimensions of the Parish Hall

Saint Joseph Parish Hall is 95 feet wide from east to west and 41 feet from north to south. The bumpout on the north wall is 5 feet deep. It is about 4300 square feet and can accommodate more than 30 round tables with chairs.



Rental Rates

Fee schedule for St. Joseph Parish Hall




The curfew for the parish hall is midnight. Required clean-up and removal of all personal items must be completed by this time.


Alcoholic Beverages

When alcoholic beverages are served at an event, the person who signs the rental agreement is responsible for preventing abuses and prohibiting consumption by a minor. Neither the Church of Saint Mary nor the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma are responsible for any loss of property, accident, or injury caused or sustained by anyone because of consuming alcoholic beverages on parish grounds. The designated renter of the space is responsible for any accidents or injuries resulting from misconduct by any guest who has consumed too much alcohol.



No children under the age of twelve are allowed in the kitchen during set-up, clean-up, or the actual event.



Equipment and Furniture Usage

The sound system is not available for rental use.

Event layout should be determined ahead of time and detailed notes added to the facility reservation. The collapsible wall dividing the Parish Hall, the collapsible glass wall on the south side of the Parish Hall, and the collapsible glass wall on the exterior of the courtyard may only be moved by trained maintenance staff and cannot be moved by any other individuals. Be sure to include your preferences on these three walls ahead of time so they can be set in place before your event.

The heat and air system is controlled via computer software and must be adjusted by the event monitor or a Church of Saint Mary staff member.



No nails, Command Hooks, candles, sticky tack, thumb tacks, pins, or tape of any kind may be used on walls, ceilings, floors, beams, glass, trim work, tables, chairs, or fixtures. Any decorations must be free-standing. Any damages to the original condition of the facility will result in an additional fee depending upon the extent of the damage.

Rice, birdseed, rose petals, glitter, and decorative confetti are not allowed inside or outside the facility. Bubbles may be used outside only.



No smoking or use of any tobacco products is allowed inside the Parish Hall.



Kitchen Use

The kitchen is available for catered events. Only the prep tables, ice machine, warming ovens, refrigerator and freezer may be used. All pots, pans, and utensils are the property of the Church of Saint Mary and are not for general use. We encourage caterers to schedule a walk-through of the kitchen prior to an event.


Deposit Return

For deposit refund, the following must be observed:

  • Pre-inspection by facilities manager with booking party
  • Post-inspection by facilities manager with booking party

If there are no damages, a full refund of the deposit will be returned 7-10 days following event. In the case there is damage to the facility, the cost of the repairs will be deducted from the deposit and the remainder, if applicable, returned.

The Church of Saint Mary is not responsible for any personal belongings and equipment left, lost or stolen during and after an event, and holds no liability for anyone injured on the property during the time you occupy the building and grounds.


Reservation Form

Saint Joseph Hall Reservation Agreement

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