Monday, July 15, 2024
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Parishioner Profiles: Home Improvement Ministry connects parishioners

The Saint Mary Home Improvement Ministry is an exceptional minor home repair ministry because it benefits two groups of people: those who need work done, and those who do the work. This ministry connects parishioners in ways that would never happen in the church building.

H.I.M. creates a mentoring relationship between our most handy men and home repair novices. It links those men with homeowners who may be rich, poor, and in between.

Some of the H.I.M. organizers took a moment to reflect on why they have such a passion for this ministry.



Local parishes have asked how we set up such a thriving Home Improvement Ministry. Our parish is hosting a seminar at the end of July to tell other churches how we did it.

Want to know more about our Home Improvement Ministry? Want to get involved?

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