Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Let’s chat with Michelle Craig, new first grade teacher

The School of Saint Mary welcomes Mrs. Michelle Craig as the new First Grade teacher. Mrs. Craig has experience with the school as a teacher and as a parent.

Michelle’s husband is Deacon Steve Craig. Their children are Mitchell, Macy, Mark, Micah, and Mary Cate.


What’s your new position in the school?
I’m the new first grade teacher.

You’ve got a lot of experience at the School of Saint Mary.
Yes. we have been school parents for over twenty years and members of the parish for about twenty-four, so we’ve been here a long time.

What attracted you to the parish and school?
My parents my grandparents were charter members of the Church of Saint Mary.

My father served the first Mass at the Brook Theater way back in 1953. When Steve and I first married, we moved here from Oklahoma City and were looking for a church. I just knew this parish is where my home was.

We loved attending attending Mass as a couple, then we had kids. We didn’t necessarily plan on getting involved in the school, but once we got involved in church here we loved the school and enrolled our children.

Why do you have a passion for teaching the younger grades?
Before I had my own children, I taught first grade for six years and while I was teaching, I got my masters in early childhood education. I’m drawn to the early learners, the young readers. That’s my niche and what I enjoy. It’s hard work and it involves a lot of preparation, but the fruits of that work are so easy to see. Seeing children grow is worth it all.

What does the summer look like for you?
I think that we’re going to try to get in the classroom to do a little redecorating. I’ll have to see what materials Mrs. Hoflich may have left, and I will start planning from there.

This is really exciting and I’m looking forward to it.

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