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The Hearing Induction Loop – What do I need to know?

In 2017, the Church of Saint Mary installed an induction loop hearing assistance system, commonly known as a hearing loop. It turns parishioners’ hearing aids into earbuds. The system is one of the most advanced of its kind in the state. The goals were high quality, 100% coverage, and ease of use.


What do I need to do to my hearing aids?

The most important action you can do is to ask your audiologist to activate the T-coil (or telecoil) on your hearing aids.


How do I try the system if I don’t have hearing aids or if I haven’t set up the telecoil on my hearing aids?

You may borrow one of the receivers in the sacristy. Ask a priest or deacon before Mass. Plug in your own set of headphones or earbuds, then set the volume to a comfortable level.


How does the system work?

The output from the sound system feeds directly into the loop. The loop produces a magnetic field that communicates directly with the telecoil in parishioners’ hearing aids. Every microphone is tied into the system.


Where should I sit?

Every pew is equipped with the system. There is a copper wire antenna that runs underneath every single pew in the church. It gives the highest quality signal to everyone.


What happens to the signal if I go out to the Vestibule?

The hearing loop is in the church and under the pews only. The loop’s signal does not reach into the vestibule or into the cry room.


How many people can use the system at the same time?

There is no limit. The signal quality remains high no matter how many parishioners are using the system.




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