Flooring Project: Matrimony mosaic and the Hearing Loop

This week’s continuation of the flooring project started immediately after the late Mass on Sunday. Pews near the choir loft sit in the vestibule as workers removed the linoleum tiles that had sat under the pews.

On Monday, technicians installed a copper foil antenna that will become part of our Induction Hearing Loop, a system that will turn hearing aids into headphones. The Loop will provide excellent sound quality to our parishioners and guests with a T setting on their hearing aids.

Most of the work for the remainder of this week will center around laying stone tiles. The goal is to set as many tiles as possible near the Saint Mary window.

Parishioners were quite happy with the quality of the marble tile mosaics along the center aisle. More mosaics are coming shortly, including the Matrimony mosaic.

The Matrimony mosaic shows two lit candles and two rings. These candles represent the husband’s and the wife’s Baptismal candles. The intertwined rings are the public sign that a couple has entered into a covenant together.

The red marble cross enters into the center section of the mosaic, symbolizing how the married couple embraces Christ’s redemptive act and receives a foretaste of heaven.



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