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EmmausFaith Formation


Emmaus is the Church of Saint Mary program for anyone who desires closer relationship with God through the Catholic Church.

If you are not yet baptized in the Catholic Church, I invite you to encounter Jesus, learn about our faith, and when you are ready, become a fully initiated member. Emmaus includes the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults, which is the content, discernment, and liturgical rites to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.

If you were baptized Catholic, but have not yet been confirmed or have been away from the church, I invite you to begin again and experience the grace and strength of the Sacraments.

If you are Catholic, Emmaus is for you, too! I invite you to deepen your understanding, renew your devotion, and accompany those who are just beginning.

Emmaus is held on Thursday evenings, from 6:30 until 8:30, in the St. Joseph Parish Hall. Every session includes a family meal, prayer, and learning. Nursery is available for children under three and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is available for children under twelve.

Reach out with any questions or register below. I hope you will join us!

Emily Kamp, Adult Faith formation Leader



2024-2025 Schedule- You are welcome at any session!

9/26/24- The Journey of Faith: Trinity, Faith, & the God Who Is Love, Emily Kamp
10/3/24- Divine Revelation: the Bible, Fr. Stuart Crevcoure
10/10/24- Divine Revelation: the Church, Fr. Stuart Crevcoure
10/17/24- The Father: Creation & Salvation History, Fr. Vince Fernandez
10/24/24- The Son: Who is Jesus? Dr. Michael Tanner
11/7/24- The Son: What is the Paschal Mystery? Dr. Michael Tanner
11/14/24- The Holy Spirit: God’s Divine Life Within Us, Dr. Michael Tanner
12/12/24- Walk Through the Mass: Exploring the Sacred Liturgy, Fr. Vince Fernandez
12/19/24- The Communion of Saints & Saint Mary, Emily Kamp
1/9/25- Everlasting Life: What Happens After We Die? Dr. Michael Tanner
1/16/25- Are you saved? Law, Grace, and the Sacraments, Fr. Vince Fernandez
1/23/25- The Sacraments: Baptism & Confirmation, Fr. Stuart Crevcoure
1/30/35- The Sacraments: The Eucharist, Source & Summit of Christian Life, Fr. Vince Fernandez
2/6/25- The Sacraments: Penance & Anointing of the Sick, Fr. Stuart Crevcoure
2/13/25- The Sacraments: Marriage & Holy Orders, Emily Kamp & Fr. Stuart Crevcoure
2/20/25- A Catholic Moral Vision: Sin & Virtue, Fr. Vince Fernandez
3/13/25- The Ten Commandments & Precepts of the Catholic Church, Fr. Vince Fernandez

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