MaryFair Weekend 2021

Welcome to MaryFair 2021! We are thrilled to be having an in-person event this year – reuniting our community for our biggest fundraiser and celebration. Please save the dates of Saturday, October 9th and 10th for our Dinner & Auction and the free All-Parish Picnic. Registration is now open-You can purchase Dinner and Auction tickets, as well as  Best of the Best tickets at
5 Things to know about MaryFair:
  1. Great way to get involved and meet fellow parents and parishioners! We are looking for volunteers to help us put on this HUGE event. To volunteer for the Dinner & Auction (wine and whiskey pull, dessert auction, set up, decorations, etc.), contact Maggie Ohnesorge at And for the Picnic (games, activities, food service, clean up, etc.), contact Beth Svetlic at
  2. We’re looking for donations! A bottle of wine ($20+) or whiskey ($30+) for the Wine & Whiskey Pull…Gift cards, items, services, or experiences for the Silent Auction…a mouth-watering dessert for the Dessert Auction. Look for the baskets in the vestibule or church office to leave your donation for the silent auction or wine pull, and contact Courtney Leonard at or Raegan Oliver at to sign up to make/buy a dessert to donate.
  3. WEAR BLUE! MaryFair en Bleu, la réunion – A spin on another tradition where the guests are asked to wear the same color so they may find each other in a crowd and meet old and new friends along the way. This tradition began in celebration of friendship, unity, and fun. In 2021, we are encouraging all attendees to wear blue – the color of our Patron Saint, Mary, and our school color. Wearing blue as a sign of unity…how we “find” each other…connecting with friends…reaching out to make new ones. Our T-shirt for the picnic is now on sale – find us before and after the masses the weekends of Sept. 11 and 12, 25 and 26.
  4. To make reservations/buy tickets, visit If you are viewing from a desktop, click on the grey button that says Order Tickets on the right-hand side of the screen. We are limiting the number of attendees this year to allow for more space, so get your tickets today.
  5. MaryFair benefits our school and parish in a number of ways. To name a few, it builds our Education Trust Fund and scholarships, allows for facility updates and special projects, and technology upgrades. Most important benefit of this event is celebrating our great community and growing friendships.
A big THANK YOU to all of our Sponsors and Donors to date:

Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Patty and Joe Cappy
Bobbie and Wally Whaling

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Annie and Chuck Essman
In Memory of Gene Robinson/Celeste Robinson Cole and Milly Robinson Dunlap

Our Lady of Victory
Connie and Greg Kach
Mary and Rob Martinovich
Darcey and Joe Moran
Kate Craft Mowry
Ellie and Barney Tonquest

Our Lady of Good Counsel
Sheryl and John Boone
Msgr. Dennis Dorney
Denise and Joe Griffin
Michael Huigens
Pat and Don Lodes
The Sam J. and Nona M. Rhoades Foundation
Karie and Dan Schaudt/Schaudt’s Funeral Service
Patti and Mike Wilson

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Mike Rampey/Air Assurance
Glynda and Brian Begnel
Delores Billings
Angie and Frank Braun
Charlotte and Wade Edmundson
Diane and George Erbacher
Carla and Junie Lechner
Cynthia and Eric Lundt
Cynthia and Eric Outlaw
Mary Rooker
Dorothy and Mike Tramontana

Our Lady of Peace
Jennifer and Mark Barrett
Mary and Mike Beckham
Renee and Craig Befort
Valerie and Peter Chacon
Tracy and Sean Dickson
Laura and Todd Hofmann
Pat and Drew Kimmel
Megan and Jason Neely
Collen and Tony Nguyen
Julie and John Nickel
Karolyn and Damien Ochoa
Rich & Cartmill, Inc./Jeanne and Pat Mandeville
Jennifer and Jon Strickler
Melanie and Joe Sutton

Shelley and Tom Cooper
Sadie and Francis Gianetti
Jann and David Harris
Mary Kay and Eugene “Lou” Latham
Michael McGann
Peggy and Mark Wollmershauser, Sr.

Dinner Chairs:

Karen and David Freet






Katy and Greg Seefeldt
















Picnic Chairs:

Shelly & Brad Asche

Sharon & Mike Goss

Have questions or want to get involved?

Feel free to reach out to our Chairs:

Karen and David Freet: (Dinner/Auction)

Katy and Greg Seefeldt: (Dinner/Auction)

Shelly and Brad Asche: (Picnic)

Sharon and Mike Goss: (Picnic)

Do you wish to donate an item or baskets to the Silent Auction?

Download this convenient form and return it with your donation.







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