Monday, July 15, 2024

Parish Donates Kleenex & Clorox wipes to Marshall Elementary

Update: You are so generous that it will take two trucks to deliver everything. Expect photos on Thursday.



Bring a package of facial tissue or disinfectant wipes to give to Marshall Elementary. Drop it in the boxes in the Vestibule this weekend or at the Parish Mission on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evening.


Parishioner Ellen Doyle, Principal Tatum, and a fifth grade teacher

Ellen Doyle has a heart for the young students at Marshall Elementary. She recruited a group of parishioners to help Marshall teachers set up their classrooms last August.

The Marshall teachers say that they’re running out of Kleenex and Clorox wipes. Let’s help Marshall refill their supplies. This service project is an intentional part of the Parish Mission to be given by Mr. Bob Lesnefsky this Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.


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