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2020 Parish Mission with Bob Lesnefsky

Sunday, February 23:
      Mission 2020 Bob Lesnefsky 1 Sunday Evening


Monday, February 24
      Mission 2020 Bob Lesnefsky 2 Monday evening



Tuesday, February 25
      Mission 2020 Bob Lesnefsky 3 Tuesday February 25


The Church and School of Saint Mary is halfway through a year focusing on how we can further integrate service into our lives.

The parish Outreach Ministry is growing quickly as it expands its service to Hope Valley, the community around 61st & Peoria.

Keeping in mind the Year of Service and building on the recent expansions to the parish Outreach Ministry, the Church of Saint Mary asked Mr. Bob Lesnefsky to be the 2020 Parish Mission speaker.


The Parish Mission

Father Brendan Moss, Father Jim Sichko, and Monsignor Thomas Richter gave the three most recent parish missions. Those three priests spoke with a credibility that years of prayer brings.


Righteous B

Bob Lesnefsky carries a different credibility – street cred, to use the colloquial term. Bob founded Vagabond Missions, a Catholic apostolate working in the streets of Los Angeles.

According to his website, Bob Lesnefsky, a.k.a. Catholic rapper “Righteous B,” is a powerful voice in evangelization today. Saint John Paul II said, “If the Church holds back from culture, the Gospel will fall silent.” Bob’s life mission is for the Church to be anything but silent in popular culture. A leader in youth ministry for 20 years, Bob speaks and performs his music in front of hundreds of thou-sands of people all over the world.

Additionally, Bob’s passion is his family of 7 children and wife, Kate, as well as doing inner-city ministry. In 2005 he started Vagabond Missions, which serves under-served inner city youth in cities around the United States. Bob’s degree is in Theology and Catechetics, and his motto is “Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary use rap.”


What is Bob Lesnefsky’s story?


What is Hope?


Quinton’s Testimony about Vagabond Missions


Officer John Levy’s Story


“There is a God out there. I met Him on a [Vagabond Missions] retreat.”


The Parish Mission is February 23, 24, & 25.

  • Sunday, February 23: 6:00 p.m. Dinner 7:00 Mission 8:00 Reception
  • Monday, February 24: 7:00 Mission 8:00 Reception
  • Tuesday, February 25: 7:00 Mission 8:00 Reception

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