Monday, July 15, 2024

Our New Principal


I am pleased to announce that we have concluded the process of our search for a new principal and have hired Lindsay Paulsell Maricle.

Lindsay comes to us from St Agnes Cathedral School in Springfield, Missouri where she has served as principal for the last seven years.  We had several great candidates, most from out-of-state.  The search committee did a fantastic job.  We decided that we would only offer the position to someone who met all of our critical requirements—gleaned from community input and incorporated into the Role Profile.  In fact, we decided we would only offer it to someone that would make us want to “high five” in the hallway if that person were hired.  Lindsay is that person.

I am so excited for the community to meet her and she can’t wait to join us after the current academic year concludes.  I am including a link to something she wrote as part of the process on her approach to leadership (Statement of Educational or Leadership Philosophy, L. Maricle)  I feel it gives a good sense of the person we met and interviewed.

Thank you to the committee who assisted in the process and thank you all for your input and prayers.  I know you will join me in welcoming Lindsay as our new principal when she arrives this summer.


In Christ,

Fr. Jack



Statement of Educational or Leadership Philosophy, L Maricle

I believe the role of a school administrator is one of love, support, problem solving, creating opportunities and continual encouragement of all the members of the school community. An administrator in a Catholic school is the physical form of the school’s mission and vision. My personal educational leadership philosophy is ever-changing as I grow as a person but there is one thing that is centered at the core and that is respect. With that said, I believe all school leaders should…

…respect the faith.
Go to Mass. Pray out loud. Lead with the purpose of the Lord. Embrace celebrations in the Church. Engage the students in special events in the faith. Create student leaders who become evangelizers. Make sure the school community is encountering Christ when they walk through the doors.

…respect students.
Get out of your office and get to know the kids. Be a presence in the classroom and let the kids feel the love you have for them. Learn names and ask questions. Be involved in their lives at school and get to know their passions outside of school. Students are our greatest asset, have been created in the image of our heavenly Father and we should feel blessed every day to be a part of their school experience.

…respect faculty and staff.
Be the teacher of teachers. Help them learn and grow. Take time to listen and individualize learning for them. Remember that your faculty and staff are on the frontlines and need your support each and every day. Find extra special ways to make them feel needed and safe. Recognize struggles and help find solutions. Treat them as family because they are.

…respect families.
Parents are the first educators for our children. Build relationships. Value their input and take time to listen to their wants, needs and concerns. Engage families in the school community and partner with them in the education of their children. Embrace volunteers. Plan events that allow the families to see the vision of Catholic education.

…respect pastoral leadership.
Keep the lines of communication open with the Pastor(s) and work as a team. Utilize ways to connect the parish and the school. Use pastors to teach about servant leadership. Do not be afraid to lean on a Pastor for guidance.

…respect innovation and collaboration.
Think outside of the box. Never become complacent with current practices. Do not be afraid of change. Strive for connecting traditional learning to innovative programming. Never shoot down an idea without reflection. Engage others in the planning process- students, staff, families. Ask questions and utilize the specialty areas of others.

…respect yourself.
Believe in the mission of your role. Trust in God when making decisions. Be an open communicator. Respect every position in your building. Prioritize and do your best. Be accountable. Believe in the ministry of the school board. Be a role model for the faith. Don’t forget your roots as a teacher and be an active practitioner of craft. Make time for yourself.

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