Monday, July 15, 2024
Parish Life

Maddie Breedlove joins the parish Music Ministry

Madison Breedlove joins the parish Music Ministry. She will coordinate the music at the Sunday Evening Mass, known for its contemporary music.

Maddie succeeds a group of parishioners who served as interim musicians at the Sunday Evening Mass. Kathy Beckham, Nancy Trujillo, Charlie Black, Stephen Lusk, Dave Schlittler, Jeff Neuhaus, and other parishioners contributed their talents as the parish searched for a permanent coordinator to follow Jake Szoeke who moved to Houston last year.


Lyndon Meyer, director of Music Ministries, showed Maddie and Sean, her accompanist, the future Choir Music Suite. Maddie will have an office there and will hold rehearsals there.

Maddie lends her lovely voice to the choir at the 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mass. An accomplished vocalist, she and fellow choir member Jana McIntyre are both finalists in the Laffont Competition Concert and performed at the Church of Saint Mary concert in December.

Father Stuart Crevcoure said, “As a pastor, I’m excited to see Maddie share her God-given gifts with both the Sunday morning and Sunday evening Masses.”

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