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Installation of the church’s new sound system

October 24:

The church used the new system for the first time at the Saturday evening Mass last weekend. The congregation responded with applause.

Feedback from parishioners included, “Wow!” “great clarity,” “I heard the homily clearly for the first time in twenty years.” as well as, “It’s too loud,” and “Try to reduce the echo further.” Please keep the feedback coming.

In the next few weeks, the church will be debuting a system that will turn your smartphone and earbuds into a hearing aid. You will connect to a special WiFi network, load an app, and enjoy crystal clear sound. More later.



October 17:

Work continues on schedule.

Mark, Robert, and Aaron from TMG Systems stand in front of one of the Renkus-Heinz Iconyx speaker columns.



October 11:

The long-awaited church sound system is scheduled to premier next weekend, October 21 & 22.

Installers from The Morse Group arrived last Monday to begin the installation of the speakers. The Church of Saint Mary, advised by Wade Worley of Worley Acoustics, chose Renkus-Heinz speakers for their ability to direct sound to the pews and to eliminate echoes from the floor and ceiling.

The goals of the system are

  • to improve speech intelligibility in the pews
  • to keep the existing induction hearing loop
  • to add a WiFi based system that sends sound from the microphones to your smartphone and earbuds.



Mounting brackets show where the speakers will be installed.

The two main speakers are located on the wall outside the statues of Saints Mary and Joseph. Each column contains 128 drivers, each with its own amplifier, equalizer, delay, and phase control. When completed, this will be the most advanced system in the diocese.

An additional speaker will direct sound to the choir. This speaker will produce a custom mix that will greatly improve sound in the choir loft.

A fourth speaker will sit behind the celebrant’s chair.

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