Monday, July 15, 2024

Church chooses Sound System installer

Father Stuart has chosen a local contractor to install the church’s new speaker system. The company’s experienced team of installers and engineers will work closely with Wade Worley, the acoustic consultant who is overseeing the project.

A pair of Renkus-Heinz Iconyx vertical arrays will provide sound for the congregation, and a single smaller Iconyx speaker will do the same for the choir, and a very small speaker will sit behind the celebrant’s chair. These speakers include a technology that produces a focused “beam” of sound that covers the pews – and nothing else

Our current speakers bounce sound indiscriminately over the pews, the back walls, the floor, and ceiling of the church. The new ones will project sound only where it is needed.

Of course, speakers need power. The church has yet to choose an electrical company to place receptacles in the speaker locations. It is important that these new circuit are noise-free.

The remaining part of the project is installing acoustic panels above the sanctuary. Sound reflects from the flat ceiling directly over the altar to the tile floor, adding to the echo.


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