Flooring Project: All about Luxury Vinyl Tile

Look!     There they are.     That’s really nice.

Parishioners whispered to each other, “it’s beautiful,” as they walked into church last weekend and saw the stone tiles and the gorgeous marble tile mosaics. Everyone – including our altar servers and clergy – stepped carefully around the mosaics.

[For the record, it’s okay to step on the mosaics. The crew at Ziegler’s assures us that it’s art, but it’s functional art that is as tough the rest of the floor.]

Let’s shift our focus to where our feet will spend most of their time at Mass – in the pews. Father Jack wants all of the church’s flooring to be elegant and durable. The best choice for our church is luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Linoleum has long been used in homes and in public places. It is a dependable, water-resistant, easy-to-clean surface with one big flaw: its look. Luxury vinyl tile is the modern evolution that combines beauty with all of the good qualities of linoleum. Our LVT has a rubbery texture that will be silent as we move around during Mass.

Our workers are enclosing with stone tiles the pew section near the choir loft. They plan to start installing the LVT this afternoon.


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