Monday, July 15, 2024

Flooring Day 5: The Main Aisle is almost complete

The main aisle is almost complete. Our expert tile layers had four days to clean the floor, cut and lay hundreds of stone tiles, and set three marble tile mosaics.


The view from the altar is stunning. Our Christian life is laid out in symbolic stones: our sacramental journey from the Baptismal Font to the Eucharistic Altar as we are strengthened and Confirmed by the Holy Spirit.

The art-level grout fills in the gaps between the marble and stone inlays. The above photo shows the completed Baptismal mosaic with a few drying areas.


These little green tools keep the slabs from moving as the mortar dries. Our floor will be durable and beautiful, but it will also be flat so as to keep parishioners from tripping. The stone tiles are specially chosen because they resist getting slick when they are wet.

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