Monday, July 15, 2024

Young Parishioner organizes a coat drive for his birthday

While many young fellows may be eyeing a new video game for their birthdays, Levi had a different idea. For his birthday, he organized a coat drive to benefit Tulsans who are doing without coats. “I just wanted to do this for everyone [in need],” he said. “It’s 2020. Why not change things up? It makes me feel amazing that we’re helping [so many people].”

Levi asked his schoolmates at the School of Saint Mary to help him collect coats.

John Rothrock, president of Yale Cleaners, accepted the donations on behalf of Coats for Kids. Mr. Rothrock said, “Levi, this is awesome. Look at all the work you did. I appreciate this donation.” He gave Levi a white cowboy hat and a Yale Cleaners t-shirt.

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