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Parishioner Profiles: Newcomers Committee

The Newcomers Committee is a parish ministry that extends a warm welcome to our newest parishioners. Committee members contact each new member and invites them to take a half-hour Parish Discovery tour to see the parish and school facilities, to say what they want from their new parish, and to learn what the Church of Saint Mary offers its parishioners.

Committee members host a Newcomers Lunch twice a year at the Rectory. New families spend time with each other and with our priests. Children work together on games or crafts.

Sue Flynn, Jackie Fusco, Angela Jordison, and Katie Boudreau are four members who reflected on last weekend’s Newcomers Lunch.



What is the Newcomers Committee?

Sue: The Newcomers Committee makes an effort to welcome all new families to the Church of Saint Mary. Today we had a chili luncheon for the new families. If I were a new parishioner and did not know anyone, it would be nice to have someone welcome me and make an identification with one more parishioner.


What happens at a Newcomers Lunch?

Katie: At an after-Mass brunch, there are anything from finger foods to chili, food and drink, mingling and welcoming. It’s a situation made for making sure that whoever walks through the door feels welcome. We want them to stay and participate.

Angela: We tell them about the different ministries that they might be interested. It’s a good way to help them to get plugged in to the parish.


How did you get involved in the Newcomers Committee?

Angela: My family was new to the parish and we came to a Newcomers reception. I thought it was awesome. I had such a good time I thought, “I’ll join this committee.” That was ten years ago – and I’m still here.

Sue: What’s nice about our Newcomers Committee is that our members were once themselves welcomed at a Newcomers reception or breakfast. I think they recognize that it’s something that’s helpful to others. We do have new families on the Newcomers Committee.

Jackie: It’s like you’re the face of the Church of Saint Mary. You get to have that full experience of welcoming new friends. That’s how Saint Mary rolls.

Sue: The Newcomers events are valuable because it gives the new families an opportunity to meet our priests one-on-one and to have a little relaxed time and social conversation. They get to know our priests better.

Angela: We’re now having all the Newcomers Lunches at the Rectory which gives them a very personal feel. It’s a special place especially for new people.


What do you get out of being on the Newcomers Committee?

Katie: I was born in Saint Mary parish, grew up here, was gone for twenty-five years, and came back to a Newcomers event. I wasn’t really a newcomer, but I might as well have been. They did something really nice for me and made me feel welcome. I thought that’s something I want to do for other people.

Jackie: I get great joy doing service for the parish. My parish is my home. Everything I do outside my home is here at the parish. I get a lot of joy telling people, “Welcome to my home.” It feels good.

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