Sunday, April 14, 2024
Parish Life

Howdy Weekend


Let’s go back in time:

1986 – Our current church was dedicated.

1953 – Our parish was founded.


Our parish didn’t exist in 1874, but let’s have some fun imagining the Church of Saint Mary as a little Catholic church on the frontier.

At the end of August, our Howdy Weekend will take place after every Mass. The gym will be converted into an old west town with a church, cafe, bank, saloon, barn, and hotel. The purpose of Howdy Weekend is for us to get to know the people sitting at the other end of our pew at Mass, to learn the names of the family that sits across the aisle from us, and to meet the parishioners who make our parish hospitable.

When you’re there, make sure you visit

  • Diamond Jack’s Cafe and enjoy some delicious food. Be warned: no ‘stash, no service.
  • Duy’s 1st Territory Bank is a friendly financial institution offering penny candy for kids, and real-life MaryFair Dinner & Auction tickets to adults.
  • Smokin’ Mike’s Waterin’ Hole offers the Territory’s best batch-brewed Sarsaparilla
  • Van Winkle’s Hotel offers a nice rest. You’ll wake up with a beard.
  • Lil’ Unz Farm & Fishin’ Hole and
  • the General Store.




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