Monday, July 15, 2024

New Hospital Ministry: Ascension St. John Auxiliary

Become a volunteer at Ascension St. John and join more than five hundred women and men who provide quality service, compassionate care and support to patients, families and staff of Ascension St. John.

This new parish ministry is powered by Encore and is led by parishioner Bill Flynn.


According to the Ascension St. John Auxiliary website, there are many ways to volunteer:

Companions on the Journey

Volunteers serve to provide a compassionate and caring presence for patients who are dying alone, and to support them so that their death can be as dignified as possible.  New volunteers must serve in another capacity in the hospital for at least three months prior to joining Companions in the Journey.  Volunteers must be able to interact in a non-judgmental manner with people of all faiths or no faith.  Volunteers should be comfortable sitting with someone and being silent.  We welcome volunteers who have a sensitivity to, concern for, and empathy with needs of patients who are eminently dying.  This opportunity is available at St. John Medical Center.

Information Desk/Guest Services

Volunteers help our patients and guests by directing visitors from the main lobby to various parts of the hospital.  Volunteers should be pleasant and helpful with good listening ears.  Light computer skills are necessary, and we are willing to train.  Hours of service are primarily Monday through Friday, early morning through 4:00 p.m.  This opportunity is available on every campus.

Pastoral Care/Eucharistic Ministry

Volunteers assist the priests in distributing the Eucharist to Catholic patients in their rooms on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Pet Therapy

Volunteers accompany dogs and their trainers to staff on different hospital floors.

Person and Family Advisory Council

Person and Family Advisors provide a voice that represents all patients and families who receive care at St. John.  Volunteers serve by sharing experiences with staff, clinicians, and other patients at scheduled meetings.  Volunteers participate in discussion groups and explain from their viewpoint and what St. John can do to improve delivery, safety, and quality of services.  Volunteers help review and create educational and information materials to be helpful to patients and family members, and partner with us to help us on short term projects to enhance patient care, comfort, and convenience for patients and family members.  Volunteers interested in serving in this role should possess sensitivity, concern, and empathy for patients and families visiting our health system, be able to articulate and provide constructive remarks and criticism, and serve alongside other people of various ages, backgrounds, and ideas.  This opportunity is available at St. John Medical Center.

Surgical Waiting Volunteers

Being detail oriented and providing personal customer service to patients and families is important.  These volunteers check in families and patients prior to surgery and act as a liaison to transfer phone calls and information from the surgeons and staff to families anxiously awaiting information.  The volunteers are also helpful escorting and directing guests to various areas of the facilities.  Volunteers should have good computer and phone skills, and we are willing to train.  This opportunity is available at St. John Medical Center and St. John Broken Arrow.

Way Finding Volunteers

Every day guests and patients find themselves lost in our medical center, and the Way Finding Volunteers are there to assist.  Whether a guest is trying to locate a doctor, a patient room, their car, or other points of interest, the volunteer will be strategically positioned near equipment and maps.  Volunteers are also encouraged to escort guests to their destinations.  We are willing and eager to train.  Opportunities are available 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  This new service line is designed to be very personable with our guests.

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