Afghan Family Support

Church of Saint Mary Outreach is partnering with Catholic Charities during their Afghan Family resettlement. Tulsa will be receiving 850 Afghan men, women, and children over the next several weeks. The biggest challenge is furnishing apartments for over 200 families.

Each dwelling is required by law to be completely furnished. If it is not furnished, then the government will reduce each family’s stipend. We want to ensure each family’s success.

Church of Saint Mary Outreach would like to contribute in furnishing at least 20 apartments. If you have physical furniture that you wish to donate, please go to to arrange pickup.

The very best way we can help is to donate funds to Catholic Charities. They estimate they can furnish one apartment for $2,000. With prayerful consideration, we would ask for in-kind donations of $25, $50, or $100, $500, or $1000. This money goes directly to Catholic Charities to purchase furniture on our behalf.

This project is time-sensitive for this wave of newcomers. Immediate help is very much appreciate, but continued later help is welcomed.



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