Dave & Trish Schlittler plan 5K Rosary Run

Parishioners Dave and Tricia Schlittler are key organizers for the First Annual 5K Rosary Run, benefiting St. Michael Catholic Radio. Adam Minihan and David Niles run the Catholic radio station in Tulsa and are the hosts of the Catholic Man Show.


Adam Minihan: This is the St. Michael Catholic Radio First Annual 5K Rosary Run, October 14 of this year.

Dave Schlittler: We looked at it as of as a way of raising money for a cause. It was a really simple idea: there’s five kilometers in a 5k and five decades in a rosary. We thought, “Surely we can do something with that.” We wanted it to benefit 94.9 St. Michael Catholic radio.

David Niles: The purpose of the event is twofold. It engages the community as an event that brings the community together and secondarily it is also a fundraiser for Catholic radio.

Trish Schlittler: All the proceeds from the race will go to the radio station to keep the radio on the air and to help offset the bills they have every month.

David Niles: It gives us an opportunity to bring in sponsors. They really help cover the cost of the event because there is significant cost to host an event like this. Everybody who runs pays an entry fee. Hopefully we will raise a few thousand dollars in the end.

Trish Schlittler: We will have a neat Rosary feel to the Run. We will have markers set up every tenth of a kilometer to help us remember to to say the Hail Mary. Some of the cathedrals downtown, Reconciliation Park, and the Center of the Universe are the locations that will have the Mysteries of the Rosary. People can pause there and pray a reflection with a sponsor, or they can just see a nice sign along the run that identifies the Mystery, and the Hail Marys. When runners reach the finish line, they will have prayed an entire rosary. That’s pretty neat. I’m pretty excited about it.

David Niles: It’s different from any run you’ve ever done because it combines running and prayer. You can run and get holy at the same time.

Adam Minihan: Plus the Tulsa Run is two weeks after the Rosary Run so if you’re looking to get in shape for the Tulsa run it’s a great warm up.

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