Church hires Owner’s Representative Matt Bendel

The successful With Arms Open Wide capital campaign is more than halfway complete, but what is happening in the planning process?

The Church of Saint Mary hired Mr. Matt Bendel to be the owner’s representative during the design and construction of the new parish Community Center. Mr. Bendel answered questions about his role and about the future of the project.


What is an Owner’s Rep?

My role is to represent the Church of Saint Mary throughout the construction process from the initial contract review all the way through construction and ending with the one-year warranty walkthrough. My job is not to be the boss of the general contractor. Rather, I’m the main point of contact for those two entities. My main goal is to represent the church and to act on the church’s behalf to mediate any issues.

What’s next for the project?

Right now, we are currently reviewing the contracts between the church and the architect and general contractor. We are nearing the very end of that process.

Next is the exciting phase of design. Nabholtz, the general contractor, will be working with Centergy, the architect, to provide a cost analysis to make sure we stay on budget and can stay on schedule. We will see a real design rather than just a rendering.

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