Building Update: Final design before permitting, bidding, and building

by Matt Bendel, parish owner’s representative

The final phase of the design process, “Construction Documents” (CDs) has officially started.  During the CD phase, the project team will be finalizing the overall Community Center and new West Entry design for permitting, bidding, and construction.   

A few of the activities that will be taking place during the final design phase are:  

  1. planning and coordination with the local utility companies – existing utilities that are currently located in or near the future building pad must be relocated prior to the start of construction.
  2. coordination with local officials in the planning and development and permitting office  
  3. submission of the drawings and specifications to the City of Tulsa permitting office
  4. planning and coordination with the Tulsa Health Department for review of the commercial kitchen design
  5. review of the construction documents by local subcontractors for feedback on cost and constructability
  6. Construction Manager to finalize the bidding procedures for each trade or “bid package” and assemble bid documents
  7. finalize the overall mechanical and electrical design
  8. solicit bids for 3rd party testing and code required “Special Inspections.”


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