Youth Space construction continues

Parishioners voiced their support in a 2018 survey for a strong youth ministry in its own dedicated space.

Almost 450 parish households completed the survey. Respondents said that they would put the need for a youth space over the need for an outreach center, reconfigured offices, and a choir room. Only the need for a new parish hall was more important, they said.

The new youth space will offer 1,762 square feet of space for youth ministry programming. It will have built-in storage plus access to a faith formation storage room where youth.

The youth room will feature a retractable wall that when extended will create a 598 square foot meeting room. An additional 520 square foot meeting room will be used for very large youth activities and for parish meetings and studies.

Painters are nearly done with the base coat of paint in that part of the new building. Accent colors will follow.

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