Year of Prayer: Practical Prayer by Steve Allen

by Steve Allen

There is nothing more practical than an alarm. It works for prayer as well.

I have a watch with two daily alarms. One at 12:00 PM and one at 3:00 PM. Noon because I basically eat lunch at that time every day but I don’t always pray. So, the alarm sounds off and I say the “Bless us oh Lord…” prayer whether I’m eating or not.

We understand that it was at approx. 3:00 PM that Jesus died on the cross for us. So, when my 3:00 PM alarm goes off I say a prayer of thanks for His sacrifice.

Drive time is also practical (almost all of us drive….or at least ride in a car). Great time to pray in thanks to our Lord for the fact that we are going somewhere. Even if you don’t know where you are going….God does ?. Our small prayer streams come together to fill our personal reservoir.

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