Year of Prayer: October focus on the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary

by Sandy Crews

Each fall the Stewardship Council highlights one of the four pillars of Stewardship: 1) hospitality, 2) prayer, 3) formation, and 4) service. Due to the pandemic and the restrictions placed on gathering, the stewardship council will emphasize prayer as its focus this year. Many of the activities we will share with you can be completed in the security and safety of your home. We will offer opportunities to explore various types of prayers, to learn fun facts about the prayer’s history or a saint associated with the prayer, and to suggest activities that flow from prayer to enrich the lives of others or to address problems in our current lives. Our theme for this year is: Prayer creates a reservoir in us which overflows, enriching the lives of others.

Prayer is the source of what fills us and sustains us so that we are never empty. Prayer allows the spirit of God to flow through us and for God to use us for His purposes.

Just as the tributaries of water begin high in the mountains and merge together to form streams which gather into rivers and empty into lakes finally making their way into the ocean, so our prayers lifted to heaven bring down graces from God. These graces flowing from heaven start out small, but when combined with the prayers of others, multiply the graces God gives to the world by allowing His grace to overflow in each of us and nourish the world. Let us use this year to learn to pray a variety of prayers, some which are familiar and some which may be new to us.
October will feature the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. The five Luminous Mysteries and their fruits are as follow: 1) The Baptism of Jesus—Openness to the Holy Spirit, 2) The Miracle at Cana—To Jesus through Mary, 3) Proclamation of the Kingdom of God—Repentance, Trust in God, 4) Transfiguration—Desire for Holiness, and 5) Institution of the Eucharist—Eucharist Adoration, Active Participation at Mass.

During each week of October pray the Luminous Mysteries and each week spend time thinking about a different fruit of one of the Luminous Mysteries

For more resources about the Rosary Mysteries and their Fruits go to

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