What’s Coming Up? January 31, 2020

Highlights of this week’s video
  • Following the Duplex’s demolition, what is next for the building project.
  • Father Jack will train the parish’s next group of ushers.
  • Father Vince is hosting a Lenten brown bag lunch book discussion series.


Building Project Update

In twenty-eight hours, the demolition crew torn down the duplex across the street from the Church of Saint Mary. They separated the recyclable metals, bricks, and concrete from the wood and sheet rock. The site is totally bare. We are weeks away from the construction of the new Outreach Center to be built on the site of the old duplex.



So what’s next for the project?

The parish building committee create the above site map outlining the next phases of the project:

  1. Office Remodel (complete)
  2. New Outreach Building
  3. New Community Center
  4. Vestibule Remodel
  5. Beckerle Remodel

We’re one down and four to go.


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