Survey 2020: How is the Church of Saint Mary doing?

Take the survey here!

All Catholics in Eastern Oklahoma are sharing their thoughts about how each parish is doing.

Do I feel welcomed and accepted? Is Mass vibrant and engaging? Do homilies connect with my everyday life?

From now through March 23, Bishop Konderla wants to survey each of us. It will take about ten minutes to complete. The online version is linked above. For those who prefer paper, copies are available in the Vestibule.


It benefits the parish.

Data from the survey will processed into the Disciple Maker’s Index. The Church of Saint Mary will add the 2020 data to results from 2014 and 2016. An overview of the results will be shared publicly.

In the 2016 survey, parishioners ranked the friendliness of this parish high above the national average. Parishioners shared that they do not feel like this parish is preparing them well to share their faith story with others. This information helps priests, deacons, and ministry leaders work to meet the needs and desires of the parish.


It benefits Tulsa’s bishop, priests, and parishes.

The Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma is one of four dioceses to participate in this pilot program to assist the bishop in placing the right priest in the right parish.

Every priest will complete a questionnaire about his strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Information from each parish’s survey will give the bishop objective information about his parishes. The bishop will use the information about his priests and about his parishes to consider the best fit for each pastor and parish.

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