Supper Club returns

Supper Club is a terrific way for  adult parishioners to share a meal and to get to know each other.



It’s Time to Re-Group

We have enjoyed fellowship and fun with our Supper Club groups last fall, but it is time to change the groups for spring. Now is the time to sign up, whether you have participated in the past or not!

All adults are invited to join other Church of Saint Mary parishioners for fellowship, food & fun with Supper Club.
Suppers will start in March and continue through June with the small group dining together once each month. Each couple or single person in the group will host a dinner once in their home (or a location to be determined). If there are two single persons in the group, they can share the hosting duties.

The hosts supply the main course & beverages and everyone else volunteers to bring a dish to complete the meal. The meals can be as casual or as formal as the hosts desire – paper plates on the patio to fine china in the formal dining room. All are acceptable.

The goal of these suppers is to provide an opportunity for us to get to know one another in a comfortable setting.


Here’s how it works:

1) Starting Saturday, January 7th through Sunday, January 29th, all interested adults (single or married) can sign up in the back of the church on the red clipboard (with a balloon tied to it) on one of the tables in the narthex
2) OR go to the Please use your preferred phone number and email address.
3) Those who have participated in the past will need to sign up again for the Spring session if you want to be included.
4) You will be randomly assigned to a group of 7-8 people.
5) In February we will have our “Get Acquainted” meeting in St. Joseph’s Hall after 5:00 mass (date to be announced). There you will meet with your other small group members and have the opportunity to decide at whose house you will meet for the first supper and possibly set dates for future suppers. The last day to sign up is Sunday, January 29th.

Whether you are new to the Church of Saint Mary or just want to meet more of your fellow parishioners, this is a great opportunity for you!


Sign up here



Questions? Call or text Sharon Sylvester at 918-813-9167.


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