Rectory Kitchen Remodel

Our parish priests are blessed with a nice Rectory they can call home. They share that home with parishioners and guests when it’s time to welcome newcomers or to thank our School Advisory Council for their service or to host other small parish celebrations.

A number of parishioners are ensuring that the Rectory stays a warm and welcoming space. They noticed that many of the appliances in the Rectory Kitchen are in need of replacement, so they are replacing them. These generous donors have funded a complete remodel of the kitchen and are helping with the demolition of the old space.

Parishioner Michael Tanner is prying nails out of studs and lifting fixtures out of their niches. He is working carefully with men from Habitat for Humanity so that all the cabinets and countertops can be reused in a future Habitat House.

Michael is putting in many hours to make sure the project is done well. He is very accepting of volunteers who wish to help him demolish the kitchen. [Call the Parish Office, 918-749-1423, if you would like to help.]

New appliances are on the way, but it will be several more days before the kitchen is ready for them.


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