Preparing for Pentecost: The Fruits of the Holy Spirit

The Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Those who use and grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit produce results in their lives. We call these results the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. They are twelve:


Charity is unselfish care of our neighbor.

Joy results from realizing the saving love of God in our lives no matter what befalls us.

Peace is the calmness and serenity we have as we realize the closeness of God to us through Sanctifying Grace.

Patience is putting up with outrages and injuries in life because we know we are loved whole and complete with God’s extraordinary gift.

Kindness is the gentleness and consideration we exhibit seeing Christ’s presence in both ourselves and in those we meet and work with.

Goodness refers to how we act within the community, always avoiding sin and choosing what is right.

Generosity is the response we give in light of all that God has given us.

Gentleness is ability to keep firmly in mind the goodness of others and our service to their needs without always insisting on our own way.

Faithfulness means the trust that God’s presence is a part of all we do. It enables us to live our Christian lives with confidence.

Modesty comes from the confidence of God’s love and power in us so that we no longer have the need to impress others.

Self-control is mastery of all temptations.

Chastity is the proper use of our sexuality according to God’s plan.

Pentecost is on Sunday, June 4. Many Catholics around the world say a nine-day prayer, called a novena, to the Holy Spirit as a way to prepare for the Solemnity of Pentecost.
As a parish, the Church of Saint Mary is going to pray for the nine days from May 26 to June 3.
The daily prayers will be emailed out to parishioners who click on the “Sign Up Now” button below. Be sure to check the Novena box (and any other lists you’d like).
It takes about five minutes each day.

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