Pentecost Novena: May 31 to June 8

Have you ever wondered why a novena is nine days long? Why nine, specifically? What’s so special about nine?

Well, the answer is actually rather simple. Our Lord appeared to His Apostles, after His Resurrection, for 40 days (during which time He gave them His last instructions and clarifications, and reminding them of all He had taught them during those three years He had been with them). On the 40th day (Ascension Thursday) He ascended into Heaven, after commanding them to return to Jerusalem and pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church. This they did, and from that Friday to the next Saturday, they prayed the first novena…and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit were poured out upon them in abundance on the feast of Pentecost!

This is why we will be praying the Novena of the Holy Spirit, starting on May 31 and ending on June 8, as we implore the Holy Spirit to pour the same abundance of His Gifts upon us and our parish on Pentecost.
Make sure you pick up one of the holy cards in the church vestibule.


Praying the prayer on the holy cards is easy. If you’d prefer to get an email every morning of the Novena, sign up below and make sure to check the Novena box:

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