Parishioner Profiles: Tim & Mitchell Bunkers, Dan Eshom

The South Tulsa Community House‘s motto is Help a little, Empower a lot. The goal of this charity is to boost the working poor in the 61st & Peoria area into self-sufficiency.

Parishioner Dan Eshom has been volunteering at South Tulsa Community House for the past four years. Dan creates resumes for STCH clients. He helps them conduct job searches and assists them in filling out online job applications or petitions for public assistance. Dan counts on having up-to-date computers for his work.

Last month, Dan asked parishioners Tim Bunkers and Mitchell Bunkers to help him update some of the client computers – many of which were old and barely functional. Tim’s employer donated a number of modern computers. Mitchell, a senior at Bishop Kelley High School and an experience technician, spent two or three hours on each PC to upgrade the software.

In late December, Tim and Mitchell brought six almost new PCs and number of monitors to STCH. They set up and tested each machine to make sure it is useful to the client base.

Karen Streeter, Exceutive Director of STCH, is thrilled with the donation and the new relationship with Tim and Mitchell.  Tim and Mitchell will be bringing even more equipment and shelving to store the equipment. STCH will act as a clearing house to distribute these PCs to other organizations and individuals in the 61st and Peoria area. Mitchell plans to come back to assist in upgrading and increasing security for all of the PCs.

Karen is considering asking Mitchell to serve as a consutant to a STCH committee that will be looking at ways to automate and make paperless the charity’s various daily operations including food distribution.

The Bunkers reflect the love and concern for our less advantaged neighbors and mirror the love and concern of Saint Mary Parish.

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