Parishioner Profiles: Mike Ziegler & Gary Jackson

Parishioners Mike Ziegler and Gary Jackson were an integral part of the recent flooring project in the church. Mike Ziegler works for F.C. Zieglers and was our project manager. Gary Jackson is our parish liaison and oversaw every aspect of the work.



Mike: I work for FC Ziegler company. Mike Ziegler is my name. My family’s been in the parish here since the beginning. I raised my kids here.

This project is an extension of the Sanctuary project. Father Jack wanted to address the floor. My role is project management, superintendent, general contractor all rolled into one.

Gary: My name is Gary Jackson. I’m a member of the Church of Saint Mary. I’m the liaison between the church and the general contractor, F.C. Ziegler’s. I am responsible for putting this project together.
How is this project special?
Mike: Anytime you’re on your home turf, you have to look at people [as fellow parishioners]. Despite that, I try to treat all my projects the same simply because in our business we look at churches as customers for a hundred-year life. Once we have a customer, they are always a customer. Probably the most unique part of this project is just the fact that it’s the family or the home parish.
Gary: All in all, I can brag on Ziegler’s and the team that we’ve got for doing a very nice job. We’re almost finished and I’m sure the rest of it will go along the same way. I’ve enjoyed working with Father Jack and Kathy [Desruisseau], and with the contractor and subcontractors. They’re all professional and we’ve all become friends over the past weeks.
Do you have a favorite aspect of this project?
Mike: As it has evolved from paper to the actual floor, it’s always nice to see things unfolding as your mind’s eye sees them. One of the more peculiar areas here are these two aisles angled at 45 degrees. There is a convergence of all the angles in the church in the tiles. The movement of all the lines comes together there. I’m just glad it worked out. [chuckles] I like the concept of the mosaics being a teaching element that we’re bringing into the parish. I look forward to seeing people walk through the church studying them and explaining to others what it’s all about.
Gary: I have an electrical background so I was interested in the Hearing Loop. This is the first induction loop that I’ve been involved in. I’ve done a little research on how it works. Now that they’ve got it completed, I’ve enjoyed being able to play with little bit and see how well it does.

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