Parishioner Profiles: Ellen Doyle

Bishop Kelley High School selected parishioner Ellen Doyle to be inducted into its Hall of Fame at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 16, 2018 in the STC Auditorium, followed by a reception.


When is the Hall of Fame induction?

The Hall of Fame is September 16, 2:00 in the afternoon in the theater. I understand there’s a reception afterwards for guests we might want to have attend.

It was quite a surprise to me. Father Kastl asked me to come to his office and I just thought it would be for a little chit-chat since I’ve known him through the Church of Saint Mary and I wanted to congratulate him on his new role.

He broke the news that I had been selected – I don’t even know what the process is – to become part of the Hall of Fame. So I immediately broke down into tears but I felt very honored and humbled by this award. I don’t know what kind of criteria they used – maybe I’m the bottom of the barrel.

I’m so honored to be inducted with Judith McMasters who has been at Kelley for longer than I have been. Nita & Tony Lutman – Tony was our I.T. guy when I first got there. And ever if I had an issue, Tony would come and say, “Doyle! Don’t worry about it. We’ll get it fixed.” God bless them because their involvement has stayed in support of the Academic Bowl – which is dear to your heart, Mike Malcom.

That is the group that I’ll be inducted with and I’m looking forward to it.

What is it about the mission of Bishop Kelley that made you want to invest your time?

The mission of the school is to certainly enhance and to provide Catholic education. Part of it that I can to understand more the longer I was there was the charism of Saint John Baptiste de la Salle. I really did feel that when I started at Kelley, I heard about the LaSallian Christian Brothers. I thought they were priests. I had no idea that they are brothers. Their commitment is to walk with their students as older brothers.

The more I got to know about that, I thought, “This is really communal in so many aspects.” You create in your classroom a community of love and care, and service to one another. Certainly, my job as a theology teacher is to inform them as to their faith, walk with them as an accompaniment model rather than – okay – here are things you’ve gotta learn. I found from my personality, being an older sister of seven younger siblings, caring for and walking with and getting to know my students in that regard is a learning experience for me everyday.

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