Parishioner Profile: Jean Selman

Jean Selman has spent twenty years making the Nursery program at the Church of Saint Mary remarkable. She is a good model of service, showing gratitude for her God-given gifts and spending her time caring for our youngest parishioners.

How did you first get involved with the Nursery?

I started with Betty Byers. She worked here twenty years ago. We’ve been best friends [all this time despite] she’s now living with her children in Minnesota. She knew everybody’s name. She was a delightful lady.


What inspired you to become a Nursery caregiver?

I have thirteen grandchildren (soon to be fourteen). I think God has called me to be a teacher. I’ve always wanted to help.

Christine Hassink has taken the Nursery up to 100. We teach the children to fall in love with Jesus. Christine creates a weekly theme with a Bible verse. We teach children to imitate Jesus.


Jean Selman, Michelle Craig, and Maria Swatek volunteer at VBS.

After so many years, what keeps you coming back?

The love of children! You never grow old when you work with children. It keeps you young. The kids know your name. You see how they get along with each other. They are inspiring.

Your faith keeps growing because you see kids who come from wonderful families that teach their children well. I’m amazed by yow many children know their Bible verses by the age of five. Even though they come from different backgrounds, they get along. We have children from many different cultures.


How would you encourage a new family to visit the Nursery?

We encourage the parish to come and observe what we do. They can come on a Saturday or Sunday when the Nursery is open. We are open during the Nights of Mercy, during Adoration for Young Adults, and other times. Parents can come to the door and watch what we do.

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