Our Easter Candle: a closer look

Happy Easter! The forty days of Lent’s fasting and penance are over. We celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection for the next fifty.

Every Catholic church in the world gets a new Easter Candle on Holy Saturday. At the beginning of the Easter Vigil, Father Jack prays Christ yesterday and today, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, all time belongs to him and all the ages. To him be glory and power through every age and forever. Amen.

The symbolism of the artwork on the Easter Candle reflects this prayer. The golden cross expresses Christ’s triumph over death. Five grains of incense embedded in red wax are nailed to the cross, representing the five wounds of Jesus: nails through His hands and feet, and a spear through His side.

Four small colored inlays represent the liturgical seasons: red, white, green and violet. Four icons near the center of the cross are classic symbols of the four Gospels.

A band around the top of the Easter Candle contains an Alpha and an Omega. The base of our Easter Candle reads “2017.” This symbolizes Christ’s redemptive work as the source of the Church’s work in 2017.


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