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I stumbled upon The Vigil Project this past summer and was so excited to find this group of Catholic artists. Their website describes themselves as,

“A community of artists, musicians, and filmmakers that produce multimedia resources for deep prayer and authentic encounter with God.”

Series 1 was released Lent 2016 that gave us songs such as “Lord Have Mercy” and “Praise To You” that we sang at our Evening Mass, Youth Ministry, and other events. Their goal was to give us music that would help us through the journey of Lent to Easter to Pentecost. I look forward to praying those songs in those seasons for years to come.

I found out in October that they were working on an Advent album. That was great news! The season of Advent is often overlooked in songwriters eyes as Christmas music is played earlier and earlier each year. I’m not against playing Christmas music to lift your spirits and help get you in the mood, but we shouldn’t completely forget about this Holy time of preparation. I waited fairly impatiently for the new music from The Vigil Project. Mary and I checked every social media account we could think of to try and get clues as to when it would be released. I saw a track list a couple of days before I heard any of the music, and there it was. “Prepare Him Room”. I knew that was it. Even before I heard it, I knew that was the one new song I wanted to introduce to our community this Advent.

They have released about a song per week since the 1st Week in Advent and they’ve all been very good. Their video work is impeccable as well. If you like music videos with real musicians, you should definitely take a look at their YouTube.

It has been an absolute blessing and pleasure journeying with our community this season of Advent. Let us continue preparing room in our hearts for Jesus’ birth. I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas Day and enjoy the holidays with all that are near to your hearts.


Music Review is a series of posts where Jake, Director of Contemporary Music, will highlight an artist, album, or individual song. Check our website for past and future editions.

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