Memorial of Blessed Stanley Rother: July 31 & August 1

Bishop David Konderla gave churches in the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma permission to celebrate the Memorial of Blessed Stanley Rother on Sunday this year. It will take the place of July 31 & August 1’s Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.



Prayer for the Intercession of Blessed Stanley Rother

Blessed Stanley our brother,
you poured out your life in service and spilled your blood as a witness
to the faithfulness of God’s love.
Those you loved so deeply and served so completely
knew you to be their pastor and their priest,
interceding for them as their open door to the presence of Christ.
Pray for us now and intercede on our behalf,
as we ask you to walk with us on our journey through life,
that the redeeming presence of Jesus,
might touch us now and restore us to wholeness and peace.
I ask in time of need [ state your need]
that your prayer accompany us; may the mercy of Christ,
echoed in your ministry and your martyrdom,
renew us and bring us the graces necessary to heal our brokenness,
illumine our darkness, and restore the losses in our lives,
that we may be, finally, one with you in praising God forever in heaven.
Through Christ our Lord.

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