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Mayor G.T. Bynum meets with Outreach Ministry leadership

Tulsa mayor G.T. Bynum met for lunch with Father Jack Gleason, Jackie Fusco, and parishioners of the Church of Saint Mary. Jackie Fusco, parish outreach director, gave the major and his staff a brief tour of the outreach center.

The mayor expressed his vision for the city of Tulsa and shared his thoughts about how the Church of Saint Mary can serve Hope Valley, the community living at 61st & Peoria. Members of Mayor Bynum’s staff offered to create connections between the church and other effective organizations elsewhere in Tulsa.

Jackie was pleased with the meeting. She said, “The dialog is open between the city of Tulsa and our church. It will help us develop our charities for our neighbors in need.” She is looking forward to increased collaboration. “We’re ready to respond.”

Mayor G.T. Bynum and his staff tour the Outreach Center.


A Year of Service

The parish Outreach Ministry, under the direction of Jackie Fusco, is working with the parish stewardship council and other service ministries on the upcoming Year of Service. The plan for the year is to connect parishioners with opportunities for meaningful service.

The year of service will begin on the weekend of August 24 and 25, 2019. The theme Hope Is…” is a reference to Hope Valley. It’s also a favorite topic of Dan Lesnefsky, the speaker of the 2020 Parish Mission at the Church of Saint Mary.


On the Year of Service kickoff weekend, every parishioner – children or adult – to make a commitment to doing works of mercy. More information about the Year of Service will be available at church during kickoff weekend.

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