Knights of Columbus launch Change for Life

After a two year hiatus our Knights have reinstated their “Change for Life” campaign to benefit the unborn.

Pregnant women considering abortion often change their mind after hearing the baby’s heart beat and seeing the fetus in vitro via Ultrasound machines.

Knights look to buy new machines and repair old ones through this campaign. Currently there are 27 ultrasound machines in OK of which are in Tulsa. More are needed as the abortion business moves out of state. Although now outlawed in Oklahoma abortion is still with us. Killing an unborn fetus is against God’s will, violates his commandments and is counter to his design for his people. This campaign aims to preserve and protect life.

You will be asked to take home a change for life cup , fill it with loose change and return it to the Knights who will consolidate the coins and send a check to Knights of Columbus State Council who will donate it towards the purchase of Ultrasound machine which cost approximately $35,000. The Oklahoma State Knights of Columbus pays half and the Knights of Columbus headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut matches the donation.

Machines are placed in pregnancy centers in states that buy the machines.

Please take a cup as you leave church.

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