Katy Plaisance chairs the Tennis Classic

Katy Plaisance is coordinating this year’s Tennis Classic. Katy agreed to a short interview to tell us how she got involved and why she keeps coming back.

How did you first get involved?

Katy: The church and school had found an unusual source of funding—a tennis tournament—but it had become inactive. The church was looking to reactivate it and asked me for some help.

They knew that I play tennis and love all things tennis. They asked me to help get the tournament going again. In its current iteration, this is our fifth annual tournament. The tournament has grown to use nineteen of the twenty-one courts at the Case Tennis Center.

What keeps you coming back?

I like seeing so many people from the Tulsa tennis community. Each tournament is a reunion of sorts because I get to see all the people I play with throughout the year. It’s a good way for me to give back to the school.

What’s your favorite part of the day?

I like to watch the matches—especially the finals— and lunch and the awards at the end of the day. I enjoy hearing all the positive feedback about the day.

Of the people who play, there might be four parishioners or school moms. It’s a great event because it reaches out to the tennis community, to each of the four or five local tennis clubs.

Tennis players are a bit obsessive. They usually take every chance they get to play, especially if a prize is involved. Our tournament is nice because it’s an outside source of funds.

What can newcomers expect?

Newcomers can expect a lot of tennis, some waiting for the next match to start.

Our tournament is novice-friendly. Of the ninety-two players last year, sixty were in the beginner division. They get to meet new people as they wait for a court.

The Tennis Classic puts out the word about the Church of Saint Mary.


For those who are not able to participate in the Saint Mary Tennis Classic but want to support the tournament, there is the opportunity to become a tournament sponsor. All sponsors receive recognition in all media and advertising for the Tennis Classic, including promotional signage at the event.  In addition, every sponsor will receive a complimentary team entry for the 2018 Tennis Classic. Contact tournament chair, Katy Plaisance, at 918-734-1036 or katy.plaisance@yahoo.com for information about becoming a sponsor.

Volunteers are needed the day of the event for set-up, check-in, bracket management, lunch service, and cleanup. Whether an individual can only come for an hour or two, or is able to stay for the whole day, we appreciate any time he or she can contribute. It’s really a fun day and lunch is provided for volunteers, too.

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