It Starts With Prayer: Set a Goal in September 2016

September: Set A Goal

It Starts With Prayer families are asked to do two simple things this month. These steps are designed to help families take an honest look at their family prayer life. After all, the first step in setting a goal is to know where you’re starting.

Watch the Ascension Presents video called, “Tips for Praying.” In this video, Father Mike Schmitz encourages viewers to examine their prayer life by asking the following questions:

  • When do you pray?
  • Where do you pray?
  • What or How do you pray?
  • Why do you pray?

By asking these simple questions, families can begin to see how they can change, increase, or adjust their family prayer life.

After families have completed step 1, they are ready to set a simple, attainable goal. Write down the goal on paper and place it in a visible spot.

Next: Look for monthly It Starts With Prayer emails. You will receive more tips for praying and information about the form of prayer we are trying each month.

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