Holy Thursday: Seven Church Pilgrimage

Father Jon Fincher is organizing in Tulsa a favorite Holy Thursday practice in Rome.

Father Fincher writes, “This is a tradition in Rome, in which pilgrims travel to 7 Churches on Holy Thursday evening to adore our Lord in the garden.  Here is an article with more info on this tradition if you wish to learn more:  https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/38079/pilgrims-keep-watch-with-christ-in-venerable-holy-thursday-tradition

“I know that each of the parishes will have Mass on Holy Thursday at various times, so we are going to advertise the hours from 8:30 p.m.-Midnight, so as to ensure that each of the parishes will have finished their liturgy by then. Obviously if your Mass is earlier, your altar will be available sooner.  Pilgrims will be able to come and go as they wish during these hours.”

The participating parishes are as follows:

  • Holy Family Cathedral
  • Christ the King
  • St. Pius X
  • Church of Saint Mary
  • TU Newman Center
  • St. Francis Xavier, Tulsa
  • Church of the Madalene

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