Church Flooring: Week Four + 2 More Mosaics

Update 7/18/17: Ziegler’s delivered the last two marble tile mosaics. The symbols of the two sacraments of healing will be placed in the aisle near the Stations of the Cross.

We’re a little past the middle of July and we’re a little more than halfway done with the flooring project.

In the past three weeks, we have seen the removal of all the carpet in the church, the installation of five marble tile mosaics, durable stone tiles in the aisles, and luxury vinyl tile under the pews.

We can’t expect anything dramatic this week. This week is all about square footage: laying as many tiles as possible.

The pews are already gone from the large section in front of the ambo. The old linoleum will go away. Our hearing induction loop installers will go to work taping copper foil to the floor on Tuesday. The section will be covered in luxury vinyl tile as the aisles receive stone tiles. The pews will be back in place in time for the Saturday evening Mass.

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