Church adopts Checkerboard Mass Seating

Mass attendance is rising every weekend. The church often fills, requiring hastily set up seating in the vestibule.

Is there a plan?

Father Vince places markers to help delineate the checkerboard seating.

Yes. Father Jack and the Pastor’s Team began preparations months ago. Following the expiration of the City of Tulsa’s mask mandate and in accord with the policies of the Diocese of Tulsa, the Church of Saint Mary is implementing checkerboard seating at all Masses in the church.

Much like the alternating black and red squares on a checkerboard, this seating pattern accommodates more parishioners attending Mass by making use of every pew. Markers placed in the pews will assist parishioners to know where and where not to sit.

Please be charitable as ushers help parishioners and guests find seating that makes them feel safe and comfortable.

Important notes:

  • The section closest to the Stations of the Cross is unchanged. Ropes allow seating in every other pew. Households will remain six feet from others.
  • The mask policy is unchanged. Masks are mandatory on the left side of the church. Masks are strongly encouraged on the right side.
  • Checkerboard seating: Parishioners may sit in every pew but no one may sit directly in front of or behind anyone else.

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