Building Update

by Matt Bendel, owner’s representative


  1. The final design stage is nearing completion.  The 95% Construction Documents were issued by Cyntergy last week (02/03 – 02/07) and are currently being reviewed by the Construction Manager (Nabholz) and the Church of Saint Mary.
  2. The “Infrastructure Development Process” (IDP) plans are complete and have been submitted to the City of Tulsa for approval and permitting.  The IDP work required for the new Community Center project includes the following:
    1. Private storm pipe connection at existing public curb inlet
    2. Public off-street parking and sidewalk
    3. New 8” sanitary sewer main within 17.5’ utility easement
    4. Removal of existing sewer main and manholes
    5. Closing a portion of existing sewer easement
  3. Drawings for the future Outreach & Storage Facility are being finalized and will be submitted to the City of Tulsa for permitting and zoning clearance by the end of the month.   

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