Building Project: When do we break ground on the Outreach Building?

by Matt Bendel


What will the new Outreach Building look like?

As many of you are aware, the plan for the newly acquired property on the NW corner of Quaker & 49th Pl is to construct a new building that will house Outreach. In addition to Outreach, this building will feature additional storage space / garage bays for the Parish work truck and trailers that are currently stored in the parking lot.

When are we breaking ground on the Outreach Building?

We need two things:

  1. approval of building permits, and
  2. approval of special exception to current zoning classification

Due to City of Tulsa zoning procedures and standards, a special exception to the current zoning classification of this property must be submitted and reviewed by the City of Tulsa Board of Adjustment. The application is on the docket for their April meeting. This process is also required for the future Community Center building since there were residential homes originally located on the future Community Center building footprint.

Next week’s question:
When will we break ground on the new Community Center?

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